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How To Reformat Or Restore A Computer


This is a lot easier than you might think and in Windows, Microsoft have provided a wonderful easy to use program to do the job quickly and easily - the Computer Management utility.

Another choice is to perform the format and zero-fill method by opting for a different file system each time. This makes sure that your data can never be recovered.

Searching on the Internet one can find various softwares that shall help convert the CD/ DVD data into .MDF File Formats. A few of the softwares like mdf2iso and ISO Analyzer tool are used for converting these files to ISO format. Another terrific software available on the web for converting graphics to readable format is Magic ISO that's also a favorite and freeware tool. Magic ISO can convert, extract and edit the files which are the most important feature of this software.

FAT16: DOS, Windows 95 all use FAT16, and Window 98/2000/XP support FAT16 as well. It can manage a division of up high to 2GB, but each division can only has a disk format max of 65525 clusters. As the amount of the hard disk or the division increased, the area of every cluster occupied will be bigger as well and consequently, lots of room of the disk will be wasted.

The disk is formatted to divide its magnetic surface into concentric circular paths called paths (these are like the grooves on a phonograph record) and wedge-shaped slices called sectors. Data is stored in the shape of a file or groups of disc sector called clusters. A disk drive finds data by moving its magnetic read-write head to particular track within a particular sector.

1-PartitionMagic Version 4. O for Windows95 and 98-Partition Magic, from Power Quest is a useful and powerful partitioning program. It effortlessly creates, moves, converts and resizes partitions on your hard disk without the necessity of reformatting the disk of devoting valuable data.

Essentially 한국커뮤니티사이트 is the software, with ability to detect and repair bad blocks and restore data of your damaged hard drives. Before going through HDD Regenerator, let us make something clear, just what is a lousy sector/bad block. Hard Drive is split into blocks/sectors. Size of 1 block is 512K in x86 Computers. When Operating System can't read information out of certain block it's being marked as BAD BLOCK or bad sector and no longer used after that.